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Monday, January 07, 2008

As I look into the future, I wonder how my son will perceive me as he gets older. I wonder if he'll think I'm old-fashioned, if he'll think the music I listen to is old and out-dated. Or perhaps he'll think the way I bought music at the turn of the century to be old and out-dated...

I just picked up a copy of Radiohead's In Rainbows on CD. This may not seem special in any way, but the album was available at a pay what you want price for download back in October stretching the limits of how mainstream music is distributed. But I still prefer to have the physical CD, the art work and the plastic disc.

Sure, the first thing I did was rip it into MP3 format but there is something about having the physical CD; perhaps something I can pass down to my son someday. And when I do, he'll probably look at it in the same way we look at 8-trac or cassette tapes and wonder about his strange, old-fashioned Dad.


Monday, July 23, 2007

The Police in Toronto (without the pepper spray or tasers)
Last night I had the pleasure of witnessing Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland rock the Air Canada Centre. The Police Reunion Tour drew out a capacity crowd of more mature music lovers (in our 30s and above for the most part) allowing us relive a little of our past.

While the band was up to the task, the crowd was showing its age with everyone in my section staying seated, except when two young 20-somethings (can they really know who The Police are?) decided to stand and dance (well really sway a bit with beers in hand). Some concert-goers behind me were clearly annoyed and asked me if the two guys up front were "bothering me"? I replied "sort of..." but then remembered that I was at a rock concert and I figured people should stand and dance if they want to. I guess we really are getting old.

The band opened with "Message In A Bottle" and covered most of their big hits in their 2-hour set. Sure there was some fiddling with the arrangements, but nothing became horribly unrecognizable. I still have "King of Pain" and "So Lonely" in my head.

The band had energy, played fairly tight, and sounded good. Perhaps a bit more energy from the crowd would have made the concert all that much more memorable. In the end, I'm glad I had an opportunity to see this trio perform on stage.


Friday, July 06, 2007

A little music on a Thursday
Steve found a fantastic deal on RedFlagDeals for free Van Morrison tickets at the Hummingbird Centre Thursday evening. The tickets were priced at $172.88 each for balcony seating, so paying a mere $4.75 for two tickets (for a service charge) was an incredible bargain.

The 90-minute set was excellent. The arrangements were blues-inspired including a rendition of "Have I Told You Lately". It was thoroughly entertaining, although I must admit I was hoping he'd break out into the version of "Moondance" I remember from The Best of Van Morrison CD I once owned (but lost while living in Ottawa).

After the concert, we made our way to C'est What? where we were fortunate to hear singer/songwriter Kate Schutt perform live. Kate plays a Novax 8-string guitar/base hybrid instrument while singing wonderfully melodic jazz songs (she has a fantastic voice that reminded me a little of Jewel and Norah Jones). After an enjoyable evening, I picked up her "No Love Lost" album on the way out the door. She's playing at the Beaches Int'l Jazz Festival in Toronto on Sunday, July 22nd from 5-7pm... try to catch her if you can.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Reliving my youth with The Police
Pre-order tickets for The Police concert at the Air Canada Centre went on sale today and Steve and I picked up a couple of tickets. My earliest memory of The Police is recording "Don't Stand So Close to Me" on the tape recorder of my mono Panasonic radio while pretending to be a radio DJ (I was 8 or 9 years old at the time and it was a lot of fun).

Tickets to the general public go on sale this Saturday at 10am, but people are already scalping similar tickets as mine for over $300 each on sites like StubHub. My initial try on TicketMaster netted me a pair of $225 tickets (the best seats available). The thought of scalping them did ever-so-briefly cross my mind, but then I remembered how much I hate scalpers, so I gave them up and just bought a cheaper ticket. These $225 tickets are now listing on eBay for around $1000 for a pair.

So... wrong...

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