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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New winter shoes for the GTI
While we've had a mild fall, it is time to put the winter shoes on the cars. My initial plan was to try the GTI's all-season tires (Continental ContiProContact) this winter. But the GTI will largely be used by Janet and baby Brayden so I thought winter safety really should be a priority.

Calling around the local shops winter wheel and tire packages (16") could be had for $899+taxes for Gislaved (Swedish) tires and steel rims or $999+taxes for performance winter tires (Pirelli Sottozeros) and steel rims.

Thinking about the strong Canadian dollar, I looked stateside to tirerack.com and found I could get good winter tires (Bridgestone Blizzak REVO 1s) and aluminium alloys (that look a heck of a lot better than steel rims as you can see) for less including shipping, duty, taxes, and customs brokerage fees.

So I put in my order and expect some pretty big boxes from UPS next week.



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