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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Police in Toronto (without the pepper spray or tasers)
Last night I had the pleasure of witnessing Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland rock the Air Canada Centre. The Police Reunion Tour drew out a capacity crowd of more mature music lovers (in our 30s and above for the most part) allowing us relive a little of our past.

While the band was up to the task, the crowd was showing its age with everyone in my section staying seated, except when two young 20-somethings (can they really know who The Police are?) decided to stand and dance (well really sway a bit with beers in hand). Some concert-goers behind me were clearly annoyed and asked me if the two guys up front were "bothering me"? I replied "sort of..." but then remembered that I was at a rock concert and I figured people should stand and dance if they want to. I guess we really are getting old.

The band opened with "Message In A Bottle" and covered most of their big hits in their 2-hour set. Sure there was some fiddling with the arrangements, but nothing became horribly unrecognizable. I still have "King of Pain" and "So Lonely" in my head.

The band had energy, played fairly tight, and sounded good. Perhaps a bit more energy from the crowd would have made the concert all that much more memorable. In the end, I'm glad I had an opportunity to see this trio perform on stage.



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