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Monday, June 18, 2007

A strange neighbour
The house next to mine is deserted, or at least it seems to be. I've been told that the house has been vacant for 5 years. Yet, from time to time, mysterious garbage bags appear on the curb, and recently we've experienced some unusual electrical brownouts.

Last summer I did see some evidence of renovations being done in the home but a year later and nobody has moved in. The lawn now consists of grass over three feet in height and things are looking quite unsightly.

With the string of reports on the news about marijuana grow ops in residential neighbourhoods, I started to wonder. But there are not the other tell-tale signs. There is no condensation on the windows, the windows are not blocked, there doesn't seem to be regular traffic to and from the house.

I suppose I'll continue being a nosy neighbour to figure out this mystery, or at least get them to cut their lawn.



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