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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A quick trip to New York
To use up some soon-to-be expiring air miles, we decided to take a quick weekend trip down to New York City. Flights were delayed thanks to some high winds, but we eventually made it to the Intercontintal Hotel in Midtown East.

We took in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (their free guided tours are fantastic) and the American Museum of Natural History. We were fortunate to have a corporate membership allowing us to bypass the crazy lines.

For dinner, we treated ourselves to the Hearth Restaurant, located in the East Village [map]. This neighbourhood has a wonderful mix of ethic and higher-end trendy restaurants. Hearth was casual and we enjoyed excellent service. I very much enjoyed the roasted loin of venison, and Janet had the braised wild striped bass (which was a touch bland). However, the side of gnocchi was simply melt-in-your-mouth fabulous.

Returning to Toronto was a bit of an adventure that included a cab to LaGuardia, getting on the plane, getting kicked off the plane (apparantly the plane was too heavy so they had to remove all of the Asians on the plane and one other visible minority to make it light enought to fly), and getting shipped off to JFK in a cab (first they gave us a voucher for a non-existant car company before finally getting us in a car). Flights were cancelled due to freezing rain in Washington, D.C., but we got lucky; a plane trying to head to D.C. was forced to land at JFK as it was running out of fuel. Unable to continue to D.C. due to weather, they diverted it to Toronto and we got on with standby tickets.

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