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Monday, October 30, 2006

On the phone with Bell...
A conversation with Bell over two months...
Wayne [on the phone with Bell]: I'd like to move my DSL service to my new house

Bell: No problem!
Fast forward to the new house and lo and behold, I don't have my high-speed access...
Wayne [on the phone with Bell]: I just moved to my new house, and my high-speed internet is not working.

Bell: We don't have a move request on record. It'll take 5 business days to set up.
2 week later I finally get my high-speed internet working.

I later call to cancel my high-speed internet as I decide to switch to a cheaper provider. Bell later pricematches so I decide to uncancel my Bell and sign a 1 year contract.

I receive my Bell bill in the mail and it notes that it is my final billing.

Wayne [on the phone with Bell]: I got a "final bill" in the mail. I don't want to cancel. Please do not cancel my internet access.

Bell: No problem!
Two weeks later, my internet access stops working.
Wayne [on the phone with Bell]: My internet access stopped working. Did you guys cancel my account?

Bell: No sir, your account is in good standing
FOUR hours of technical support later....
Bell (level 2 support): I think I found the problem, your account has been cancelled

Wayne [on the phone with Bell]: ARGH! Can you fix it?
Bell (level 2 support): No, call back on Monday.
In the end, Bell couldn't figure out how to UNcancel my account. All they could do we create a dial-up account for me. The saga continues...


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